Foster a Dog

We are looking for families willing to house a service dog-in-training in their homes! The families will be required to attend training class once a week with the foster dog and teach the dog basic obedience commands. Further into the training, the dog will work with individuals with disabilities.

Don't worry if you do not have extensive dog training experience, because PGI will be there every step of the way to answer your questions. Since many of our animals come from rescues it is very important that the dogs receive training on how to behave in a home. Once the dog passes the public access test, the family will then be given permission to take the dog into restaurants, stores, movie theaters and other public locations to complete the training process. The family usually fosters the dog for 1 year to 1.5 years before it is placed.

Average Time Commitment to Foster

The commitment we ask of foster homes is the basic feeding, care, and exercise of the dog, as well as twenty minutes of daily structured training practice. Foster home must also attend training class once a week.

**Please note that before you can become a foster home you must complete this application.

Foster Home Application

We also look for dog sitter foster homes. These foster homes will watch our service dogs/dogs-in-training for a weekend to a few weeks as needed.

Service Dog Sitter Application


Other Volunteers:

Volunteers can help with training classes. This may include handling a dog during class or assisting someone with a newly placed service dog. Our volunteers also help with many of our PR events in the community and fundraisers. We could not do what we do without the help of volunteers!

Volunteer Application


Are you a Bradley University student? Join the "Wags for Mags" Bradley Student Trainer Program.

The “Wags for Mags” student trainers will focus on several things, including recruiting Bradley student volunteers, fundraising, and dog training. The program consists of several Bradley students who train dogs on campus. Each trainer gets a dog, but many have multiple dogs during the week. During the time they have the dog, the trainer follows a normal routine of going to class and running errands. Please note, there is an application process, including interviews and skills training, to be accepted as a student trainer. Your first step is to fill out an application!

Bradley Student Trainer Applications